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'The Future is Yours' Revealed as 2019 CU Youth Month ThemeApril Is Youth Month

During the month of April, we’re celebrating Youth Month. The official theme for this year is “The Future is Yours… Picture it! Save for it! Share it!”. This theme encourages young members to look forward to their futures, picture their goals, and learn how to save their money to chase their dreams. This April, celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month with Trona Valley!

For Youth Ages 5-12Youth Month

It's never too early to invest and save. Plan today for a better tomorrow.

Trona Valley's CU Learn Youth Account is designed for kids 5-12. The importance of saving and learning how to use money wisely can be taught from a very young age. At Trona  Valley, we offer accounts to help kids learn to save, borrow, and spend responsibly.  Our accounts are perfect for young people to get a good start on managing their finances and saving for a child’s financial future from the very beginning is responsibly smart. Open an account today.

  • Youth Savings Account
    • $1.00 minimum to open and no service fees
    • Higher dividend rate Savings
    • Earn dividends on entire balance
  • Free gift with new account
  • Progressive Certificate* at 4% APY** for ages 5-12 (matures on child's 13th birthday)
  • Pay for A's - get rewarded for good grades
    • Grades K-12
    • $1 deposited into your accout for each "A" or equivalent on your report card
    • Request must be made within 3 months of report card date
    • Student must be primary memeber on account
    • Limit of 4 report cards per year, per student
    • Limit of $10 maximum on deposits per report card
  • Punch card program with chance to win prizes
  • Debit Card with Checking (with Guardian/Parent)
  • Free ATM Card
  • $5.00 deposit for Community Service Achievement***
  • Youth Loans
    • Small scale loan, perfect for youth
    • Learn the basics of borrowing
    • Elementary age students can borrow up to $100 at 0% APR** Fixed Rate
    • Middle School age students can borrow up to $300 at 1% APR** Fixed Rate
    • Flexible terms up to 12 months
    • Parent or Legal Guardian Co-Signer

NOTE:  The Social Security card of the account holder is required.

*$100.00 minimum to open, make unlimited number of deposits, once the certificate balance reaches $5,000, including deposits and dividends earned, no more deposits may be made, deposits may not be made by ACH, auto transfer or direct deposit.
**APY = Annual Percentage Yield, APR = Annual Percentage Rate
***Community Service Achievement—For each Community Service participation, $5.00 will be deposited into your account, $50.00 maximum/year. See Credit Union for a list of organizations.

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