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Youth Certificates are a great way to help kids grow their savings.

What is a Youth Certificate?

Our Youth Certificates are high yield certificates, designed for kids age 0-17 to help them get a jump start on saving!

Options Available:

  • CU Grow – Ages 0-4
  • CU Learn – Ages 5-12
  • CU Prosper – Ages 13-18

Youth Certificate Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of a great rate and low minimum deposits.

  • APY = Annual Percentage Yield: 3% APY – Ages 0-4, 4% APY - Ages 5-12, and 5% APY - Ages 13-17
  • Funds can be added any time throughout the life of the certificate
  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Maximum deposit: $5,000
  • Dividends paid quarterly, back into the certificate
  • Certificate matures on the child’s 5th, 13th or 18th birthday, so term will vary

NOTE: The Social Security Card of the account holder is required.

*Once the certificate balance reaches $5,000, including deposits and dividends earned, no more deposits may be made. Deposits may not be made by ACH, auto transfer or direct deposit.