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A verification code is sent to the primary contact information on file.  Contact the Credit Union at 800-331-6268 if you need assistance.

The digital banking service utilizes Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

By enabling Face or Fingerprint ID, you can log in quickly and securely. Once your device has been registered, you may log in without entering a security code every time. However, as an additional layer of security, you may be prompted to enter a code on occasion. 

Error code 1020 occurs if you are trying to access digital banking through a Virtual Private Network(VPN) session.  Disabling the VPN session before accessing digital banking should remove the error.  Rest assured, your account information is encrypted between your device and the digital banking platform. This provides the same level of encryption as a virtual private network, protecting your sensitive banking data. If turning off your VPN doesn't work, try a different internet connection and confirm that you're using a supported browser. 

Error code 16 occurs when the location you are trying to access the the site from has a blocked country code.  Contact the Credit Union for additional questions.