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Youth Loans

Youth Loans

Forming a relationship with Trona Valley at an early age is a wise choice.  At Trona Valley, we strongly believe that learning money management skills at a young age can help set a better foundation for establishing good financial habits.  Money management skills are important for financial success, whether saving or borrowing.

Trona Valley offers Youth Loans to members under the age of 18.  Our loan options are perfect for kids; on a small scale, they can learn the basics of borrowing, which includes interest, terms, and payments. Of course, mom and dad can assist them if they have any questions along the way.     

Elementary                                   $100          0% APR* Fixed Rate
Middle School                              $300          1% APR* Fixed Rate
High School                                  $600          2% APR* Fixed Rate

Flexible terms, up to 12 months.  Each student must have their own account at the credit union and a parent or legal guardian co-signer.

*APR - Annual Percentage Rate. All rates based on approved credit. Not all applicants will qualify. Rates subject to change without notice. Repayment example for a $400.00 loan with a 1.00% APR for 12 months: 11 monthly payments of $33.52 and 1 final payment of $33.43.

For more information on all our loan rates, contact the credit union today.  

Smart Option Student Loan®

In partnership with Sallie Mae®, the Smart Option Student Loan® program is also available. Click for more information.

 Sallie Mae