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The Trona Valley Difference

We’re for You.

You are the credit union difference. We’re not-for-profit-we’re for you. Credit Unions were built on the philosophy of “People Helping People”, and that’s just what we do! This outlook allows us to offer you services that no other financial institution can offer, all while serving you, the member. At Trona Valley, the difference really is you!

You Own the Place.

Credit unions are owned by their members. It’s just part of our structure. That means you call the shots. It means you have a say in how a major part of your life – your finances- are run. So rather than having to answer to corporate stockholders, we answer to our members. Just let us know how you’d like the furniture arranged, because after all, you own the place.

We Were Built This Way.

From day one, our bottom line has always been you. It’s just how we were built. Credit Unions are made up of people working together to achieve a better life for themselves and their community. They were organized to be not-for-profit cooperatives run by democratic principles – one member, one vote. It doesn’t matter whether you have an account with $25 or $25,000. Your vote counts the same as every other member. And with a philosophy like that, it’s really no wonder why people love their credit unions.