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CU Prosper

    For Youth Ages 12-18

It's never too early to invest and save. Plan today for a better tomorrow.

Trona Valley's CU Prosper Youth Account is ideal for kids 13-18. The importance of saving and learning how to use money wisely can be taught from a very young age. At Trona  Valley, we offer accounts to help kids learn to save, borrow, and spend responsibly.  Our accounts are perfect for young people to get a good start on managing their finances. Saving for a child’s financial future from the very beginning is responsibly smart. Open an account today.

  • $1.00 minimum to open Savings Account
  • Free gift with new account
  • Punch card program with chance to win prizes
  • Debit card with Checking (with Guardian/Parent)
  • Free ATM Card
  • No monthly fees
  • Progressive Certificate* @5% APY** for ages 13-17 (matures on child’s 18th birthday)
  • Youth Savings account will convert to a Regular Share account after 18th birthday
  • Age 15—Mobile Deposit Capture
  • $5.00 deposit for Community Service Achievement***

*$100.00 minimum to open, make unlimited number of deposits, once the certificate balance reaches $5,000, including deposits and dividends earned, no more deposits may be made, deposits may not be made by ACH, auto transfer or direct deposit

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield, ***Community Service Achievement—For each Community Service participation, $5.00 will be deposited into your account, $50.00 maximum/year. See Credit Union for a list of organizations.

image of youth punch card, a gif file shows the card's front and back side

     Click here for complete Punch Card rules.

   Check out our Youth Video!image of a teen in front of a computer